Where Does The Wheel Of Fortune Come From?

Cards, Card Game, Playing Cards, GameThe casino game can be played by any child and does not require lengthy explanations, it is that simple. The wheel of fortune (also known as the money wheel or the big six wheel) is an irreplaceable part of many casinos and can change your life in an instant. The odds on the jackpot are underwhelming, but that doesn’t stop people from wagering some money on the hope of spinning the right number.

Ancient origins

The idea that a person’s fate is decided by a hand-turned wheel is not new. The allegory about the uncertainty of one’s own fate existed long ago. The ancient Babylonians and the Vedas already knew the concept, the Greeks adopted it and developed it further, and the Romans called it Rota Fortunae . Mostly the goddess of luck Fortuna is shown spinning her wheel (sometimes blindfolded). Wherever a person lands on the wheel when it stops spinning determines their happiness or unhappiness in life.

Theologians, leaders and artists have all used the wheel of fortune to understand the unpredictability of life, which is – just – unpredictable. It is the symbolism behind every rose window in churches around the world and is often used as an allegory in art and literature to depict the twist of a hero’s misfortune.

Predict the future

With such a call for chance and fortune-telling, it is not surprising that the wheel of fortune appears as one of the picture cards in traditional tarot decls. If the wheel of fortune pulls, there is a big change ahead of it. That is, if it’s pulled up in the right way. But only if the card is picked up correctly does it promise luck;

Moving into the casino

Playing Cards, Cards, Magic, PokerA symbol that has long been associated with luck and unhappiness should by no means be missing in a gambling hall. The wheel is spun by a croupier and the change of fortune is now a huge stake of money.

The Wheel of Fortune or Big Six Wheel is divided into sections that represent different prizes, with the lowest value occurring most frequently and the higher value occurring very rarely, sometimes even once. These segments are separated by pins that help slow the wheel down by slapping the pointer on the top. As soon as it stops, there is no longer any doubt about who won and who is going home with nothing.

Dream catcher

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To place your bets all you have to do is choose how much you want to bet what value when the wheel stops. You can choose any number of payouts from 1x to 40x your bet, with the lower stakes appearing more frequently and the highest only appearing once on the wheel. Then the host turns the wheel with all his might and congratulates all winners.